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  • Screen Shot 2022 06 16 At 12 22 45 Pm

    Ute Mountain Utes look to preserve habitat of native plants


    The tribe was awarded a $55,000 grant for the ethnobotany project from Great Outdoors Colorado in cooperation with Trees Water & People, Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps, and the Montezuma Land Conservancy.

    Source: The Journal

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    Ancestral Lands Zuni Crew Trail maintenance Humphrey's Peak, Coconino National Forest


    Meet up with the Ancestral Lands Zuni crew as they maintain trails on the highest peak in Arizona and a sacred place to many indigenous people - Humphrey's Peak. Get to know the crew and their dedication to steward this sacred mountain.

    Source: United States Forest Service YouTube Channel

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    Blue corn and melons: meet the seed keepers reviving ancient, resilient crops by Samuel Gilbert


    In north-western New Mexico, traditional Indigenous farming methods are being passed down to protect against the effects of climate crisis

    Source: The Guardian

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  • Npca Zuni Crew Bears Ears

    Full Circle by Karuna Eberl


    At Bears Ears National Monument, a crew of young men from the Pueblo of Zuni is caring for the cliff dwellings their ancestors built 800 years ago.

    Source: National Parks Conservation Association

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  • Participants record project data while sitting in a campsite area that was cleared of encroaching vegetation.

    Ancestral Lands Habitat Restoration


    March 1, 2022 | Between Oct. 20-24, 2021 the Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps, Grand Canyon Youth and Grand Canyon Vegetation Program staff collaborated on a 2021 National Park Foundation Service Corps grant funded project titled, “Engaging Native American Youth in Habitat Restoration to Increase Recreation Access.”

    Source: Grand Canyon News

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  • Four people stand on a woodpile

    Wood For Life Tribal Fuelwood Initiative


    December 20th, 2021 | Working with the Forest Service, Tribal governments and communities, Ancestral Lands conservation corps, and other partners, we are connecting small diameter timber from restoration projects led by NFF and the Forest Service with Tribal partners who split the wood and provide it to elders and other community members.

    Source: The National Forest Foundation

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  • Crew members cut and stack wood onto a pile

    Warm Memories & Cooler Climates


    December 10th, 2021 | Sprinkled among the tall grasses, wildflowers, and Bebb’s willows (the southernmost stand of Bebbs in the world) are 20 or so 20-somethings, all Hopi and Tewa. Like Manuel, they are workers for Ancestral Lands, an Indigenous conservation corps tasked with removing waste wood from sunny Hart Prairie, a wide open meadow near Flagstaff, Arizona. Above them is the rugged skyline of the San Francisco Peaks, known as Nuva’tukya’ovi, or “The Place of Snow on the Very Top,” to Manuel’s people.

    Source: National Forest Foundation

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  • Wuptaki Pueblo Courtesy Nps

    $1.3M Getty Grant will Protect and Preserve Wupatki National Monument


    September 22, 2021 | "As part of its engagement at Wupatki, the Penn team and partners will also expand professional training, cultural heritage education, and career discovery opportunities for Native youth focused on the conservation of American Indian ancestral sites, including a 12-week summer program in partnership with Conservation Legacy’s Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps. The program will incorporate fieldwork, job shadowing, and mentoring by cultural resources advisors from Northern Arizona Tribes and a 10-week summer internship program for Native degree-seeking students through Northern Arizona University."

    Source: Native News Online

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  • Cajo Wero1Nps 1025

    Indigenous Insight Informs NPS Exploration And Development Of Sacred Site


    March 5,2021 | Werowocomoco rests atop a bluff on a peninsula in the Tidewater region of eastern Virginia, surrounded by marshlands, fields, and forests. It is a lush and verdant place, rich in plant and animal life—but most importantly, rich in Indigenous history and heritage.

    Until recently, the site’s exact location was lost to the memory of the tribes who once inhabited it. Now recently rediscovered, Conservation Legacy and the National Park Service are collaborating with Native tribes to learn more about Werowocomoco, incorporate it into the National Park System, and accurately and respectfully interpret it for future visitors.

    Source: National Parks Traveler • Appalachian Conservation Corps • Conservation Legacy

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  • Wood For Hopi And Navajo

    Forest, Tribal Partnership Supplies Firewood To Hopi And Navajo


    August 6, 2020| A unique partnership is addressing a home heating crisis on the Navajo and Hopi Nations, by supplying hundreds of cords of firewood from forest restoration projects.

    Source: NPR Knau Public Radio • Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps

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