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Ancestral Lands

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Ancestral Lands Staff

Photo of Ryan Aguilar

Ryan Aguilar

Individual Placements Program Coordinator

Photo of Kevin Ashley

Kevin Ashley

Navajo Program Coordinator

Photo of Michellsey Benally

Michellsey Benally

Operations and Logistics Director

Photo of Kevin Cooeyate

Kevin Cooeyate

Zuni Program Manager

Photo of Aaron Lowden

Aaron Lowden

Acoma Pueblo Program Manager

Photo of Robert Mariano

Robert Mariano

Albuquerque Program Manager

Photo of Marshall Masayesva

Marshall Masayesva

Hopi Program Manager

Photo of Shandiin Nez

Shandiin Nez

Associate Director

Photo of Chas Robles

Chas Robles

Corps Director

Photo of Rosie Thunderchief

Rosie Thunderchief

Administrative Manager

Photo of Kyle Trujillo

Kyle Trujillo

Associate Director