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Ancestral Lands

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Ancestral Lands Staff

Photo of Ryan Aguilar

Ryan Aguilar

Individual Placements Program Coordinator

Photo of Aeon Albert

Aeon Albert

Hopi Program Manager

(928) 981 8947
Photo of Glen Catlin Ami

Glen Catlin Ami

Albuquerque Program Coordinator

(505) 225-4721
Photo of Amber Chapo

Amber Chapo

Albuquerque Program Coordinator

Photo of Kevin Cooeyate

Kevin Cooeyate

Zuni Program Manager

Photo of Emerald Craig

Emerald Craig

Administration Director

Photo of Ticika Dominick

Ticika Dominick

Grants Writer

Photo of Kiana Etsate-Gashytewa

Kiana Etsate-Gashytewa

IP program coordinator

Photo of Cody  Fetty

Cody Fetty

Navajo Program Coordinator

Photo of Shonto Greyeyes

Shonto Greyeyes

Individual Placements, Program Coordinator

(505) 785-1220
Photo of James Him

James Him

Logistics Coordinator

(505) 494 -2967
Photo of Cecilia Huizar

Cecilia Huizar

Administrative Specialist

Photo of Marshall Masayesva

Marshall Masayesva

Hopi Wood For Life Project Manager

(928) 889-6393
Photo of James Othole

James Othole

Zuni Program Coordinator

Photo of Chas Robles

Chas Robles

Corps Director

Photo of Josh  Sidney

Josh Sidney

Hopi Program Coordinator

(928) 988 6857
Photo of Red Thunder

Red Thunder

Wind River Program Coordinator

(505) 238-1352
Photo of Kyle Trujillo

Kyle Trujillo

Associate Director

Photo of Arden Wyaco

Arden Wyaco

Communications Coordinator