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Ancestral Lands

Individual Placements

Individual Placement Opportunities

Please see the table below for open Individual Placement internship positions with ALCC. Click the 'Apply Here' link for more information and instructions to apply.

See all Conservation Legacy program position openings here.

ALCC Hopewell Culture National Historical Park Individual PlacementChillicothe, OhioJuly 10, 2023 - October 13, 2023Apply Here!
El Morro National Monument - Traditional Trades Advancement Program Individual PlacementGrants, New MexicoJune 05th, 2023 - December 01, 2023Apply Here!
Mesa Verde National Park - Traditional Trades Advancement Program Individual PlacementMesa Verde, ColoradoMay 01, 2023 - October 27, 2023Apply Here!
Valle de Oro Visitors Services Individual PlacementAlbuquerque, New MexicoMay 22, 2023 - May 17, 2024Apply Here!
ALCC Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Resources Technician/Orchard workerPage, ArizonaMay 1, 2023 (20 weeks)Apply Here!
NPS Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance Internship - Community PlannerAnchorage, AKMay 22, 2023 - August 18, 2023Apply Here!
Pot Creek Interpretive Team Leader Individual PlacementPeñasco, New MexicoMay 01, 2023 - July 31, 2023Apply Here!
Pot Creek Interpretive Team Member Individual PlacementPeñasco, New MexicoMay 15, 2023 - July 31, 2023Apply Here!
NPS Valles Caldera National Preserve Interpretive Individual PlacementJemez Springs, New MexicoMay 08, 2023 - November 04, 2023Apply Here!
RTCA Indigenous Communities Project FellowSanta Fe, New MexicoStarting date negotiable between April and May 2023Apply Here!
BLM Rio Puerco Field Office Woodland Technician Individual PlacementAlbuquerque, New MexicoJuly 10, 2023 - July 04, 2024Apply Here!
ALCC Canyon of the Ancients National Monument - Individual PlacementDolores, ColoradoOpen until filledApply Here!

Who We Serve

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps (ALCC) emphasizes the recruitment and engagement of diverse teams and individuals who learn from each other and their projects in a supportive environment. In selecting participants, Conservation Legacy encourages all types of diversity including, but not limited to; tribe, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, social-economic, and disability.

Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps also emphasizes the engagement of local individuals who represent the communities in which they serve. ALCC intentionally searches for funding sources and program options to support the goal of offering experiences to a wide range of participants.

Staff Contacts:

Ryan Aguilar, Individual Placement Program Manager or 505.250.2708

Andrea Hanks, Individual Placement Program Coordinator or 314.412.3872

Shonto Greyeyes, Individual Placements Program Coordinator or 505.785.1220