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  • Cajo Wero1Nps 1025

    Indigenous Insight Informs NPS Exploration And Development Of Sacred Site


    March 5,2021 | Werowocomoco rests atop a bluff on a peninsula in the Tidewater region of eastern Virginia, surrounded by marshlands, fields, and forests. It is a lush and verdant place, rich in plant and animal life—but most importantly, rich in Indigenous history and heritage.

    Until recently, the site’s exact location was lost to the memory of the tribes who once inhabited it. Now recently rediscovered, Conservation Legacy and the National Park Service are collaborating with Native tribes to learn more about Werowocomoco, incorporate it into the National Park System, and accurately and respectfully interpret it for future visitors.

    Source: National Parks Traveler • Appalachian Conservation Corps • Conservation Legacy

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  • Al Womens Saw Crew

    Ancestral Lands Celebrates Biden Administration Executive Order Establishing a Civilian Climate Corps

    Press Release

    February 5, 2021 | Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps Celebrates Biden Administration Executive Order Establishing a Civilian Climate Corps, Ready to Engage the Next Generation of Stewards

    ALBUQUERQUE, NM. Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps (ALCC) applauds President Joseph R. Biden’s establishment of a Civilian Climate Corps initiative through an executive order, signed January 27, 2021, and is standing ready to assist the Administration in providing work opportunities, engaging Americans in addressing climate change and building community resiliency.

    Source: Ancestral Lands Conservation Corps